Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356
Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

Custom Printed Labels since 1994 - 800-652-2356 

Description of Screen Printed Materials

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Our standard white or yellow vinyl is a plasticized, flexible, 4 mil film, coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Vinyls are scuff-resistant and ultraviolet-resistant, so they will withstand outdoor use. Application temperatures for vinyl material and adhesives range from +35F to +185F. Once applied, vinyl will adhere in temperatures between -50F to +185 F.
Life Expectancy: 3 years or longer.


We offer polyesters in chrome, brushed chrome, gold and clear. Polyesters do not stretch or shrink which means they are exceptionally durable. Permanent adhesive is standard for long term use inside or out. Polyester substrates are stiffer than vinyl substrates and are best applied to flat or gently curved surfaces. They do not readily conform to irregular surfaces. Application temperatures are between +45F and +100F. The usage temperatures, after application, are -50F to +275F.


This material has no adhesive, but will cling to all flat, smooth surfaces. Static Stick or static cling can be easily removed and reapplied without any negative effect to the decal itself. It is recommended only for indoor use and can be used on the inside of windows.


This heavy, durable plastic sheeting material will not crack, peel, or chip in cold weather. It can be drilled to allow for fasteners, and can be nailed, tacked, or stapled to fence posts or other surfaces.


This 2 mil. silver aluminum foil has an expected life of 2-3 years and a usage temperature range of +50 to +350F.


These items are constructed of white or yellow vinyl with a specially formulated removable adhesive and overlaminated with a skid-resistant coating.


This material will withstand temperatures ranging from -40F to +160F. Although the temperature of the vehicle is unimportant, the temperature of the material should be at least +60F for installation. To extend the life of the product, remove the sign at least once a week for cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent. Be sure vehicle and sign are wiped dry before reapplying.


Applying a clear polyester sheeting over a decal can achieve extra durability, color fastness, and resistance to solvents. Most of our products will accept this process. Call or email for pricing.


Application tape can be added to the entire face of large decals to give them added rigidity. Pre-masking will offer temporary protection from paint, oils, and other solvents until the decal has been applied. Price varies with size and quantity. Call or email for pricing.


Choose a base material from a variety of substrates. Silk screened or embossed and covered with a flexible three dimensional polyurethane dome.


Available in a white and clear format, this material is 2 mil and supplied with a permanent adhesive. Life expectancy is 5 years outdoors without showing any significant changes in durability. Once applied destructible materials adhere in temperatures -40 F to +257 F.


This polyester film is 2 mil thick and has a 2 year outdoor life expectancy. Usage temperature once applied is -40 F to +300 F. This material is supplied with aggressive adhesive vinyl.


This material is 4 mil and recommended for indoor use. It is coated with a temporary, low-tack adhesive. Removable vinyls can take on permanent characteristics beyond 6 months of use and could leave an adhesive residue. The usage temperature for this item is -40 F to +176 F.


This adhesive is formulated to stick permanently to surfaces which are not smooth or blemish-free, such as storage containers, dumpsters and steel drums.


This is a vinyl material, metallicized for an attention-getting appearance. This item is holographic and recommended for indoor use only with a usage temperature of -40F to +150F. The PRISMATIC patterns repeat every 6-9 inches. A seam line of approximately 1/16 width may appear on some of the finished decals.
Earth friendly / recycled stock, plus other specialty materials and adhesives are available. Call or email for information.